What is cask ale?

"Real ale", a term originally coined in the UK, is beer that is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and goes through a secondary fermentation process inside the vessel (cask) from which it is served. This style of cask-conditioning offers a natural carbonation process, free of additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide.    

Our unique beer style.

We proudly offer 100% cask-conditioned ales, brewed to traditional English style and served at cellar temp, (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Inspired by our friends at Brewer's Union Local 180, all of our ales are pumped using beer engines imported from the UK. If you're ever near Oakridge, be sure to stop in and grab a pint from them. 

Family owned & operated.

Central Oregon is home to brewery owners Deven and Avara Roberts. In addition to raising their young children, this duo balances brewing and business. They're excited to bring their passion for cask ale to Redmond, and to provide a relaxed, fun atmosphere for families and neighbors to enjoy.

Serving 100% cask-conditioned ales.

REAL good. REAL ale.

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